In 2019, Keep in Touch Seoul began Painting Circle. Six young painters from the city formed the core of the seminar group. The sessions were also open to the public.

Over the course of six bi-monthly seminars the group discussed painting as it relates to wider issues: society, history, economy, and institution. Sessions also focussed on matters intrinsic to painting: colour, representation, and language.

In order to introduce these subjects, quotations relating to them were sent to attendees in advance. These came from painters and critics both historical and contemporary—and from a variety of locations and situations. As such, they reflected diverse attitudes to the given topics and were intended to provoke debatewhich they did.

As a conclusion to the 2019 Painting Circle sessions, each of the six core painters will have a solo exhibition at Keep in Touch Seoul through 2020. The project will take various forms going forward, and a book, which aims to be a practical and conceptual resource for young painters in Seoul, will also follow.

For a detailed breakdown of the subjects and concepts covered by the 2019 discussions, please use the links below:

Syllabus (Korean)

Syllabus (English)